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Image India -Customised & Syndicated Research – Meditative Cutting Edge Research.

Image India -Prelude

Research As  It Evolves…

India at the close of last millennium had just tasted free markets and the unique experience had caused a lot of blood letting in stock exchanges. Some small & big organizations, some in desperation & some out of sheer ambition thoughtlessly & bizarrely instituted research seeking panaceas. Both in consumer and in industrial sectors- studies of all kinds- and in large quantum. But to our mind at Image India , much of those promising hopes of the corporates seeking market real solutions via research, stood belied and devastated.

Belied in long, meandering & disappointing reports and laundry listing of percentage, means, matrices producing spurt mills of clinched recommendations.In the muddled ‘90s, a group of highly passionate research and management professionals started Image India to create cutting edge research and recommendations. Image India is today a reincarnated old organization working in the area of consumer, industrial and social research.

Started with a desire to create very actionable research solutions for large as well as small clients. It is our belief that, the very correct solutions are truly unique. Image India works to find & deliver those unique solutions to clients in specific situations.

In today’s dynamic global markets, finding clear answers to these questions is a complex challenge. Our services profess to clarify and understand the complexities of the market place, take decisions & choose actions that would build the efficiency & productivity of the client’s business, marketing & sales programs. Propelling the revenues and boosting their profitability with focused and seamlessly integrated solutions

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Know how you score locally, regional or nationally — online or offline in your category. This online longitudinal study is quick diagnostic and longitudinal. Using factor analysis to let you know what really matters to your prospects & customers among brands and in the categories that matter to you. Click here to now more.

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Your brand status if your competitive stance. Essential for you to know who are your real competitors in the region, locally, in the state or maybe nationwide. Who challenge you in the digital sphere. Offline who makes life tough for you. Profile your competitors, Get to know your changing positioning. All this you must do, click here to get to know this!


Oct 18

October 4, 2018

Measuring the unmeasured/ mensurable?

By admin /

Much what we measure in surveys and studies stay limited to expressed behavior and established attitudes. Among our prospects, consumers...

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