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Peter Drucker


Scale Development

Scales are essential to a study.
Many say it. A fewer believe it. And still a lesser number  apply this with their heart.
Going back over half+ centuries it took numerous applications and initiatives to standardized scales. Some of the so developed scales achieved regional and par national applicability, at times exhibiting ‘Culture Free’ properties. And in the process acquire almost magical accuracy and and the ability to elicit correct response and information where correctly applied.

And thus scale adjustment and application to a study is an elaborate painstaking effort. Research India goes that extra mile to standardize adjust and apply relevant scale correctly and appropriately as the study demands 

At Image India I share a part of my heart.

Yes ‘Hard Stats’ and cruel crunching  ‘Data’ have a heart too. Really!
And we miss the point when we analyse data crunch numbers as fractions & decimals but miss the vital consumer perception, belief, attitude & the heart.
Gilford , Weber, Likert and a plethora of psychometircians & Statisticians vouch for it … as numbers get figurative in their scales and the quest to feel the consumers heart finds a true nanny in hard stats & number theories as applied.
And yes of course we are a RESEARCH AGENCY / FIRM. But a part of us is crazy about data — analyzing data, making sense of it… predicting the unknown…. taking a bits of data and statistically do accurate confident projections .
Overcome limitations of variance , add causality with partial correlation to wiff life into almost dead staid set of numbers …as we embark to  identify causalities events & possibilities — with sophistication.

Exploratory, Qualitative FGDs

Focus Group technique & instrument remains enigmatic in its application and utility in the investigation for both consumer research and social research.  Our vast knowledge base about its applicability and use remains proprietary. Though primarily exploratory in nature our years of practice enables us to achieve highly specific and accurate findings & data. In our use of this phaseological technique we
uniquely incorporate personality type evaluation of the participants adding miles of depth to our understanding and reference of each data set/ response so gathered.

Personality Batteries

In MR It may seem an over kill at times when a questionnaire is so long. So much private information we have delved a fact that so many respondents we are contacting …
The personality type of the respondent takes a backseat as a inclusive concept and gets finally renegade to the spare tyre compartment.
Personality-wise ‘cross-tabulation’ speaks a whole new language. It reveals dimensions of respondents behavior & mindset in anew perspective with lot of strategic potential.
But ‘Personality Batteries’ and their use requires special sklill and a lot more. A mature psychologist’s knowledge and analytics along with an awful lot of field time & resource.
For the strategist at client’s end it is a goldmine of data of course

Syndicated Study: Schema & Focus

Mapping your consumers mind in real time. His notions, expectation, prejudices & his imagery.


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