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Consumer behavior and aspects associated with the behavior are closely studied. This  is where most of the successes and opportunities lie for the business men. Also it hosts the problem areas and pitfalls which can potentially devastate existing brand leaderships & market acceptance.
Hence more than 80% of the industry budgets in research are spent here. The consumer studies as conducted at Image India is both broad breath and in depth in approach. It covers for all studies a slim version as dip stick and also a full scale comprehensive study design as syndicated.
Studies are conducted for generation of ideas, testing of concepts, development of brand and products, pre-launch, post launch & monitoring studies.
The designs are created as per clients needs. Right from the idea inception stage of a product or a business, with sociological inputs as consumer trends auditing & evaluation, forecasting of sales & market, contouring the existing competition to estimation of market threats from substitute products & identification of latent needs of the masses & target groups /segments.
Market modeling, predictive parameter building — which are both quantitative & probabilistic. Experiment building, encompassing micro representation of the significant forces & currents of a market are built via studies which are predictive and represent a very significant accuracy in the market narrative & that of its trends.
Product development studies, advertising, packaging & product mix studies, segmentation & market mix studies ans such repertoire of works are also conducted with accuracy and due delicacy.
Besides media studies, advertising studies,  creative development studies (as copy test) and the usuals of gap analysis, market estimation, potential estimation as well as consumer brand analysis along with other panel based on going market , product & consumer monitoring evaluations are the common usuals that the brand managers & entrepreneurs require on an on going basis

Trade & Retail Studies 

Store Area & Design Studies

Store promotion Studies

Traffic & Footfall prediction/determination studies

Stocking & category mix studies

Online visibility impact studies


Trade & Chanel studies

Channel type & feasibly studies

Push & pull studies -promotion & scheme studies

Channel mix studies

Online channel studies



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