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Services Offered – Image India -Customised & Syndicated Research

Services Offered

We broadly offer three  categories of services.


‘Research Studies’- complete from “problem formulation”  to “recommendations & report writing” — including ‘Research Proposal’ building, ‘Execution & Monitoring’ of fieldwork, ‘Data Analysis’ {including scrutiny, validation & tabulation}, interpretation of analysis & report writing. Understandably client’s domain & background analysis is synthesized with client’s brief leading to an enriched situation analysis.



High end data analysis both qualitative & quantitative.

Along with analysis we also provide interpretation and ‘Report Writing’ development and assistance.

Here we operate as outsourcing vendors for — ‘Research Agencies’, ‘Individual Researchers & Scholars’ product & research management cells of Corporates, Advertising Agencies & other other parties with “Interest”.


Consultancy services for  ‘Product management’ & ‘Communication Management’ initiatives built on data analysis & research. 

Here we operate as outside consultants for the organisation and are engage on hourly bassi offering — “Researcher Hours” & “Consultant Hours”. Our thinkers effectively operate as part of your ‘In-house’ Management & Research team.

Research studies include both customized as well as syndicated studies. Further, ad hoc reports and analyzed data are also provided for some of self sponsored monitoring studies in various sectors of consumer products and environmental scan studies of the industrial studies sector. 

 Consumer Studies 
• i]. Syndicated Studies 
• ii]. Customized Studies 
• iii]. Monitoring Studies 
• iv]. Media Studies 

 Social Studies 
• i]. Customized Studies 
• ii]. Monitoring & Evaluation Studies 
• iii]. Baseline Studies 
• iv]. Communication Studies 

Industrial Studies 
• i]. Go/ No Go Studies 
• ii]. Business Cycle evaluation 
• iii]. Market Evaluation 
• iv]. Environment Study 
• v]. Opinion Studies 
• vi]. Customer satisfaction Monitoring

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H-8, Harbans Bhavan-II
Dda Commercial Complex,
Nangal Raya,
Janakpuri, New Delhi,

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Data to Decisions Paradigm

Analysis, Insights, Foresights

Data to Decisions Paradigm
Data to decisions is a service specially for the up-coming entrepreneurial breed. Who meet more data as they grow than possibly they have time to crunch and make sense from.
Here our service performs the intervening ‘function’ to analyse and make
sense both of the internal available data as well as identifying the data
needs which could indicate to external data which can be had by market
research initiatives.
Its a hand holding and support service. A heady mix of advisory,
independent data analysis as well as action research.


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