Business being strategic, ‘Strategic Consultancy’ is about getting your business on truly.

New ideation, professional expertise, privilege market & business information with a large cordon of business & work experience all fuse to deliver strategic consultancy. Its the kind of advisory that does change the course of your venture making it effective, growth oriented and putting you on top of any kind of business or market situation.

This of course needs a mature highly skilled team of strategic thinkers who fuse their varied knowledge & skill base to create the best planning and process execution vision …

Bridging the issues – as well as identifying the issues- between the two fundamental strategic queries is the role played here . The queries being   —  1) Where are we ? and 2)Where do we want to be?

In the process our ‘Consearch-SME’ works as a built up to the process …

Consearch SME – Markets 

This starts with & involves more than ‘Brand Planning’ for the Small scale sector manufacturers , entrepreneurs and commercial operators.
Data and research based …. it discusses your status as a brand owner or a process owner. Lets you develop your brand name or your process goodwill impactfully.

Consearch SME – Digital Add On

Digital Brand Planning is the added services that puts your concurrent both in the offline and the digital market sphere.
The ‘Digital Brand Planning Report’ contains such actionable startegic inputs as the relevant competing products & brands in the digital space, the search created traffic to keyword market reality, value perception of your offering and marketebility strategic inputs as — content type & tone , social presence style & digital media/mode choices recommendations.
Putting it briefly you are hand held by the ‘report’ as t o what to to , how to do as well as explaining to you the logic of doing the steps elucidated.

Consearch SME -IPR & Legal Add On


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