A full scale project viability study as we do in PESTLE is desired but not always a feasible option. And especially true when the market is too dynamic and the emerging business opportunity a little hazy. Entrepreneurs & project /division managers may shy away from the time and cost expenditure for a full scale feasibility study  relying on mere market estimation and dip stick studies.But such research compromises are too error prone and inaccurate to be advisable no matter the substantial cost and time savings promised.

We offer here a very accurate  and time efficient option which intelligently trades to do away with high end accuracies settling for optimized workable estimates in direct proportion to the cost of projected outlays of the new venture.

And in doing so cuts through a lot of activities logistics & slack of the project evaluation study saving major time & cost  expense but yet managing to maintain optimal accuracies & minimal error expectations.

Couple this with expertise in small dip stick studies, digital feildwork capability ‘High’ actionable comprehensive reports and the proprietary ‘Consearch’ advisory made available, you could engage into a really strong & formidable support kit like none else.
The advisory stays 24/7 and data investigation in limited space but with the “nth” mile depth.
In short you get to know where you are going truly.


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